Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Teen Grid Clearance: Here's the deal...

I will do my very best to adddress this topic as clearly as possible. Before you begin the application process for Teen Grid clearance, understand a few important basics:
1. an adult is anyone 18 years and over

2. You cannot gain "general admission" clearance to TSL, but will need to be associated with a specific project or region. Your avatar will be limited to that/those areas and WILL NOT have access to the rest of the Teen Grid.

3. Clearance is determined through a third party background check company, Ascertain International. There are fees associated with this service that vary depending on where you live/lived.

Ascertain Screening and Investigations, LLC
110 North High Street, Suite 201
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

Contact for Second Life at Ascertain is Dee Igo. Her email at Ascertain and the URL for the Ascertain background check process online:


4. They will run the background check and send the results only (pass or
fail LOL) to you and to Linden Lab.

5. Most Main Grid avatars choose to create an "alt" or second avatar that will be moved over to the Teen Grid. This avatar will need to have PG inventory only. Be very thorough in filtering through the contents of the inventory as adult content is often ncluded in freebies etc.

6. The estate manager or person administrating the island to which you wish to move will then notify their Linden Lab contact. They will give them your real life name, your avatar name (the one to be moved) and the purpose for your Teen Grid presence.

On Ramapo Islands, I maintain a list of adult clearance names that I update and resend to my contact to keep things simple.

Again the procedure may vary slightly with your specific project, and Second Life is evolving so quickly that this information may be outdated soon so be sure to ask and double check!